CANNTECH SERVICES is your trusted supplier of purpose built cannabis harvesting and processing equipment.

We are located in Ontario and primarily service Canadian Licenced Producers (ACMPR) with industrial grade products that meet or exceed all the guidelines set out by Health Canada, OHSA and ESA.

With our in-depth industry experience we are able to offer both stand alone equipment and turn key harvesting solutions.

CannTech Post Harvest Equipment



The Cannbucker is a stainless steel cannabis bucking machine. It is a plug and play unit that requires only 110...

Razor Trimmer

The Razor Trimmer is an industrial grade trimmer. Its all machined heavy duty construction has been designed for large runs...


The Destructocann is a purpose build machine for the destruction of cannabis waste. This machine offers a safe turn key...


The Cannmill is a continuous through put mill that produces a consistent finished product size with no powder. All stainless-steel...

The Cannabis Industry Is Always Evolving

Keep your edge in cannabis production and processing. Canntech Industries helps your business exceed production expectations and limit down time.